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Friday, December 14, 2007

Take the girl...

There is definite truth to the old saying... you can take the girl out of the newsroom but you can't take the newsroom out of the girl. Recent events have once again held that up.

It's been nearly a year and a half now since I left the news business. I'm in my second year of teaching. Yet, my antennae still twitch when I notice something newsworthy, at least potentially. I immediately start thinking of how quickly a news crew could make it to the scene, how many should be sent, can I get video or still pictures now without waiting for the crew, etc.

For example, when driving home and I see swat teams with really big guns swarming a local farm house (turned out to be a training exercise), or it starts snowing at the beginning of what's predicted to be a major snow storm, or I see cars that have slid off the road during an ice storm. It doesn't take much.

The thing is, since I'm no longer an official member of the media when I do see these things and call the local TV stations I'm often brushed off as another crazy viewer who's seeing things. It's only when I get ahold of someone I once worked with that I'm treated like a reasonably sane person.

I doubt the folks on the other end of the phone ever realize I know exactly what they're thinking of me as they fob me off with an, "I'll be sure to pass that on" or "We'll check into that". But see, I used to use those same lines on folks who would call in about seeing UFOs or political conspiracies, etc. So, I recognize when it's being done to me.

Highly frustrating. I can see now, why so many journalists who leave the business eventually do return. Not that I have any such plans. I'm committed to teaching. But, it's easy to see why others do.

Nimitz' Lady

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween, Part Deux

Check out more Halloween pictures on Flickr from actual Halloween trick or treating. Also, pictures from the guys latest experment, Mentos and pop. They got one nice eruption. JBP wants to try again.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween, Part Un

We had our first taste of Halloween today. I've spent more on JBP's costume this year than I've ever spent on any Halloween costume. Ever! But he was so in love with it I just coulcn't refuse. I remember too often having to go without something I wanted so desperately. I don't always say yes, but this time I did.

The costume is Sir Peter of Wolfsbane, from the Chronicles of Narnia. Of course, being the contrarian that JBP is, he prefers to think of it as Sir Edmund. For some reason, JBP identifies much more strongly with the fallible Edmund than with the near-perfect Peter.

However, since we spent so much, I told him he has to get our money's worth out of it. That means wearing it as much as possible.

Tonight, we attended the trick-or-treating event at the local zoo. Wednesday at school they have a costume party. And then, of course, is the big night itself.

Check out Flickr (link to your right!) for the latest photos. Of course, we'll be updating with each new event.

Nimitz' Lady

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weighty Matters

Courtesy of Nimitz' Lady's Mom:

All's Quiet on the Home Front

After a weekend of hectic activity due to four kids 16 and under in the house, all seems waaaay too quiet. BRING THEM BACK!

The good news, a good time was had by all.

Die Spielerin and La Moldova, another exchange student at our church from the eastern european country of Moldova, tried to go to a movie last night. The whole project didn't turn out so well. Their first choice movie ended up being sold out when they got there. They're second choice ended up being Rated R and the theater was actually checking ID's and rejecting patrons under the age of 17. Very rare. So, they spent an hour or so at Freddy's Frozen Yogurt next door to the theater, and then called for a ride home.

JBP and his friend, Soccer Boy, got to stay up late and watch a movie at home. Then, they slept on the sofabed downstairs. We also baked sugar cookies. They had a great time.

Today, the boys decorated their sugar cookies, played computer games, had pillow fights, went swimming at the Y and generally raised heck.

The girls did Die Spielerin's homework. She's in a Foods & Textiles class and had a homework assignment to plan, shop for and cook a meal for the family. She and La Moldova spent most of the morning cooking up a storm.

They prepared chocolage chip cookies, sweet potato bread, fruit cocktail with vanilla pudding and German pancakes.

For the pancakes they used my Der Deutscher's grandmother's recipe. It was the height of irony, as Der Deutscher, to have an American teaching a German how to prepare a traditional German dish.

The meal, and the weekend, was a great success.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Full House

I have a full house this weekend. Both Die Spielerin and JBP have friends over for sleepovers.

The girls are fine. They're old enough to take care of themselves.

However, two young men, in the 7 to 8 year old range, is quite a challenge. Mostly, they keep each other occupied, except when their rough-housing ends up with one injured and the two arguing, or they disagree over what to do or what to watch, or, or , or.

You get the idea.

I'm about ready to forcibly drag the two of them to the park so they can work off some of their energy.

Nimitz' Lady

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Explosive Fun

JBP finally got to carry out a Mythbusters science experiment he's been waiting to do for weeks.

It has to do with chemical reactions (baking soda and vinegar) and pressure (mixed in a corked bottle). The idea is to build up enough pressure inside the bottle to pop the cork in an explosive manner. Needless to say, this was carried out under close adult supervision. Or, to put it another way, Der Deutscher ended up doing most of the work.

Here's a visual tour of the experiment.

Step #1: Mix the ingredients.

Step #2: Shake things up.

Step #3: Marvel at the explosion.

Step #4: Sit back and enjoy a job well done.

Nimitz' Lady

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Popping up for air

Sorry for the long absence folks. This fall has been busier than I'd ever imagined teaching could be.

It's not just the teaching, like last year. I'm also taking courses in education to eventually get a full license. Right now I only have a license to teach Spanish at my high school. I can't teach anything else, anywhere else.

Plus, I was trying to help a group of my students raise money for a trip to Spain next spring. Yes, I said "was".

I started out with a group of nearly 20 kids saying they wanted to go. Once they found out the cost, it fell to about 13. Then, I lost about a student a week for a few weeks. Finally, I was down to what I thought was a solid group of seven students. Then, three more dropped out. I told the kids they had to sign up with the program online and make their downpayment by midnight Friday. They didn't. I cancelled the trip. I wasn't about to start fundraising for an event that might not happen. I'd feel like I was defrauding the public.

In other news, I got to hang out with some old friends from my last TV job last weekend. On Friday, the sports guys came out to my high school for Football Friday. I was always close to the guys in the sports department. Probably my tom boy roots showing. Then, on Saturday, I attended the Race for the Cure, which is a big event for the female evening anchor.

JBP, Der Deutscher, Die Spielerin and I are all proud to say we completed the 5K walk. Die Spielerin is to be especially commended as we completely forgot to tell her about the annual event until we rousted her out of bed that morning!

On Monday, I had a student who'd seen me hanging out with the sports guys on Friday, ask me why I wasn't in news anymore. "You looked so happy!" she said.

I told her being in the field, liveshots, etc, were what I'd liked the most about the TV biz and I never got to do it anymore and wasn't going to be able to do it again in this market and had no chance of moving on to a station outside this market.

I also told her teaching makes me just as happy!

Meanwhile, last week was Homecoming at our high school. Die Spielerin (the exchange student living with us) chose to go to the game and dance afterward. Her opinion of the whole event, the festivities were lots of fun, the game was boring. She so fits in with us. She's going to love basketball season.

On that note, I'm signing off for the night. Don't know when I'll be back, so check in regularly.

Nimitz' Lady